Discipleship Collectives

Discipleship Collectives

We are excited to announce the launch of our Discipleship Collectives starting January of 2018. Discipleship Collectives include the 3 main ministries offered this semester; Missional Communities, Men of the Word, and Women of the Word. These DCs, as we are calling them, will start up the week of January 7th, 2018. Due to the amazing growth we have seen over this past year we are happy to say that we will be offering 7 Missional Communities, 4 Men’s groups, and 5 Women’s groups. Below you can find the information about these DCs. Please sign up for these DCs by clicking on the links provided.

Missional Communities Include:

  • Wiggers*: Tuesday PM
  • Schultz*: Wednesday PM
  • Davis/Goodman*: Wednesday PM
  • Sandmore*: Thursday PM
  • Turner/Coguill*: Thursday PM
  • Renaud/Klabon*: Friday PM

To sign up for a Missional Community please click here.

All MC groups will now be studying the same thing. This session we will be studying 1 Peter. If you plan on committing to a MC you will need to order the study guide – 1 Peter: Living Well On The Way Home. The link to buy it can be found here but can also be found on others sites for purchase.

If you have spoken to your MC leader(s) and have committed to your MC there is no need to sign up. Please sign up if you haven’t ever been a part of a MC before.

Men’s Groups Include:

  • Lee/Matt: Wednesday PM
  • Jeff: Thursday AM
  • Jon: Saturday AM
  • Matt: Saturday AM

To sign up for a Men of the Word please click here.

Women’s Groups Include:

  • Angie: Monday 7p
  • Kellie*: Wednesday 9a
  • Kendra: Wednesday 9a
  • Cathy: Thursday 9:30a
  • Karen: Saturday 9a

To sign up for a Women of the Word please click here.

The Curriculum that will be used for Women of the Word is The Promised One: Seeing Jesus in Genesis, by Nancy Guthrie. The link to buy it can be found here.

(*): This DC is currently at capacity
We are pushing smaller groups so as to better be a vehicle for discipleship. The target goal for a disciple is to be mature in Christ (Col. 1:28), and equipped for ministry (Eph. 4:12).

Our discipleship collectives exist to create spaces where men and women can gather and ENCOUNTER Jesus through the transforming study of his Word, EXPERIENCE Jesus through the love of His people, and ENGAGE the work of Jesus through missional discipleship.

It is our deepest desire that one of these above ministries fits your schedule and will provide both opportunities of growth as well as missional training for discipleship.
Please email us if you have any questions.