Serving at missio Dei: Falcon

Serving at missio Dei: Falcon

All churches require a number of skilled and passionate volunteers in order to thrive.  Our church is no different!

As a church, 40% of our members are kids 5th grade and under, that means we are always looking for adults who love Jesus, children, and telling children about the love of Jesus!  Our children’s ministry, missio: Kids, has done an excellent job of creating an atmosphere that is fun and safe for children and is easy for our volunteers to step in and serve.  Our volunteers are background checked, receive training for the classroom they teach, have a team lead for support, and receive minute by minute instructions for the week they serve.  Additionally, they have the confidence of knowing they are not babysitting or providing childcare but are instead discipling children through a clear proclamation of the Gospel in a loving environment! If you have questions about serving in this ministry contact our children’s coordinator, Jillian.

Additionally, as a church that meets in a school we have an ongoing need for help in the areas or setup, teardown, and audio/visual. These positions are incredibly valuable as we pursue our vision as a church of “Creating the space for all people to experience the love of Jesus through the love of His people.”

We have been blessed by so many people in our church who have given of their time to help shoulder the load and contribute to the mission. As we continue to grow we are implementing a new volunteer strategy where everyone will only serve on one team in order to be more focused and bring stability. Kids volunteers will only serve once every four weeks and setup/teardown and the remaining teams will serve every other week. In order to make this work we will need 72 volunteers for missio: Kids and 40 for all the other teams. To sign up for one of the teams please click here.

If you have any questions about the process of serving please contact our volunteer coordinator, Jeff.