Our missio: Kids’ classrooms open at 9:45. Stop by our check-in table to print out all your children’s name tags and then proceed to drop your children off at beginning at 9:45. We ask that you not drop anyone off before 9:45, and please do not leave children in classrooms that are not yet attended by an adult.  If you’re dropping off a water bottle or a bag with your child, please kindly label with your kid’s name or family name

Planning on visiting for the first time this week?  Go ahead and register your kids here.


Your child must be checked out no later than 11:30am. We ask this so our teachers can start the cleaning/disinfecting/tear down process. You must bring the matching claim sticker to the classroom for your child to be dismissed. Without a claim sticker, a parent will be asked to sign your child out by initialing the sign-out sheet.


We provide a weekly snack in our classrooms. As guests at Woodmen Hills, and due to those children in our church with severe allergies, we do not permit any peanut or tree nut snacks in our classrooms. Applesauce pouches, fruit snacks, or fruit leather strips are provided in order to accommodate all children, including those who are dairy and gluten free.

* If your child has a birthday or a special event and you’d like to share a special snack with the class, please contact one of the missio: Kids deacons in advance to make arrangements.

Sick Policy

Missio: Kids has a sick policy that we ask you to follow, in order to protect all children and families. If any of the following are true, please do not bring them to missio: Kids…

  • illness being treated with antibiotics for less than 24 hours
  • vomiting or diarrhea in the last 24 hours
  • fever greater than 99° in the last 24 hours
  • sore throat, cough, or unknown rash

Text Messages

If for any reason, your child should need you during the morning, we will text you. Please have your cell phone on vibrate and visible during service. You will be met at the check-­in table and provided with an update on the situation.

missio: Kids Graduation

Missio: Kids is a ministry that exists to partner with parents to make disciples. We provide Gospel Centered curriculum for children, birth through fifth grade.  In August, we will graduate our fifth graders and present them with a Bible in front of the church. It is the vision of the church to see sixth graders integrated into the full life of the church through weekly Sunday worship attendance, participating in table group discussions, serving monthly on a team, and joining a Discipleship Collective (missio: Youth).


We love to encourage and see our youth serving the Body! Another way missio: Kids seeks to partner with parents is by encouraging those 16 and under to serve alongside a parent or an “adopted” adult who has agreed to serve alongside your youth (please make arrangements and schedule in advance if your child would like to serve in missio: Kids). A church made up of about 30% children has big needs when it comes to volunteering in missio: Kids, and we can always use help serving as Classroom Leaders, set­up, tear down, check-in, ushering, and greeting.

Classroom Promotion

Feel free to promote your child on their birthday into the next classroom. Go ahead and let our check-­in team know and add their name to the printed roster on the classroom table that week. However, we do ask that once they are in Pre-K or Kindergarten you operate on the school calendar when it comes to classroom promotion. We will let you know each August when that promotion Sunday will take place.

Child Baptism

We treat the baptism of children with special care. We want to walk through this exciting process with you and you children. If your child expresses interest in baptism, please schedule a time to talk with our Pastor of Discipleship. Contact Kolburt.

Baby Dedication

When dedicating your baby, you celebrate a commitment to raise your child in the ways of the Lord. You also commit to joining a community of believers who help you and hold you accountable. Our baby dedications are during our regular worship gatherings. If you are interested in scheduling a baby dedication, please schedule a time to talk with a pastor Contact Us.