Part of being a church committed to mission means we give 15% of all the offerings we receive towards the mission of God outside our church. One of the ministries we support is Wade Browns coaching of pastors through PastorServe.  Wade is an wonderful leader and his input into the lives of pastors has shaped many churches in our area, including missio Dei!  The following is an update Wade sent out recently and gives a good picture of what Wade does and the ministry your tithes are supporting:

I’m so thankful for your friendship and mD’s support! Here are some ways you’re helping to make a difference at PastorServe:

News on the National Level 

  • PastorServe Book Series
  • Our second book in the series, Pastors Are People Too: What They Won’t Tell You But You Need To Know, will be released May 1, 2016.
    • We’re also excited to announce that David C. Cook recently approved the following books (working titles):
      • The Everyday Gospel
      • What I Wished I had learned in Seminary
      • Hire the Pastor, Get the Wife — We’re inviting some well-known pastors’ wives to write this book.
A Brief Local Story: The Marvelous and the Messy
Admittedly, I don’t work much with crisis situations. Most of my days are spent in a proactive coaching or mentoring relationship with pastors, and it extends from working with the solo pastor in a house church of 35 people to the executive pastor in a church of 6000. In light of this type of work, here are some of the questions I get to help pastors lean into:
  • Where do I need to grow so I can lead to the next level?
  • How did excitement and passion get replaced with so much conflict and stress?
  • I think I’ve lost sight of the mission. Would you help me regain perspective?
  • What does healthy conflict look like?
I love this type of work. It energizes me. It’s marvelous work! A week ago, however, I found myself stunned by what I heard and the questions that came from the person on the other end of the phone:
  • My husband drinks a lot, and I believe he’s addicted to sex and porn. How can you help him?
  • My husband is a gifted teacher and communicator, but I can’t stand to listen to him preach anymore because the person I see up front is not the person I see at home. Are my feelings wrong?
  • My husband and I have been sleeping in separate bedrooms for the last six months. Is there hope for us?
  • I’m afraid to tell others about our situation because I fear my husband will blame me. What advice can you give?
As you can tell, this was a pastor’s wife who was hurting deeply. This too is the work God has called us to at PastorServe. It’s messy. It’s time consuming. It reminds us of the brokenness in our world and even in the Church. However, there is hope, and this couple, and the church in which they’ve served, will experience this hope in immeasurable ways in the days ahead. If you think about it, pray for this couple. While you don’t know them by name, God knows them intimately.
A Great Question

  • “You seem to coach many pastors. Do you have a coach yourself?” I first invited a coach into my life about 5 years ago—a year before I joined the PastorServe team. I believe in the power of Gospel-centered coaching, and I’m excited to say I do have a coach in my life. His name is Frank Keller. I first met Frank while serving at Focus on the Family. Frank is the person in my life who challenges my thinking in my private life and my public ministry. He helps me to be more intentional in my planning and goal setting. He holds me accountable, and he has become one of my biggest fans.
With a full and grateful heart for what I get to do—and for you helping to make it possible,


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