As a church community one of our top priorities is to become increasingly Scripture saturated (The Word of Christ, dwelling in us richly, permeating all we think, say, and do – Colossians 3:16). One of the best ways for this to happen is for us to spend time daily lingering over the Bible. In 2021 our church utilized a reading plan developed by The Bible Project where we read through the entire New Testament in one year, and as the year progressed, it was so encouraging to hear how many conversations and discipleship moments were fueled by our church all using the same reading plan. This year we are encouraging everyone to once again utilize this plan, with a few points of emphasis.

Don’t rush, linger. One of the reasons we are encouraging this New Testament in a year plan is that the pace is slow enough that we can actually meditate and reflect on what the Word of God is communicating. Too often our Scripture reading is rushed and instead of allowing our souls time to steep in God’s Word we simply check it off our to-do list. This year we want to commit to lingering over the Bible meditatively, prayerfully, slowly, so that we can become increasingly Scripture saturated.

Don’t read in isolation, be communal. One of the neat things about the YouVersion Bible App is that it allows you to invite others into your reading plan where you can track each other’s progress and share insights. As you read this year make sure to include your family, friends, roommates, or Discipleship Collective. When we approach Scripture this way it allows us to focus on another one of our priorities, being increasingly relationally intentional (Being moved towards another person because of the unsurpassable worth they hold in Jesus’ eyes – 1 Thessalonians 2:8).

Don’t make the written Word the goal, but the Living Word. As we sit daily with the Scriptures, meditating on every verse of the New Testament, our goal is not to be filled with knowledge of the Bible, but rather to be filled with the Spirit of Jesus. As you encounter the person of Jesus through the transforming study of His Word our hearts will become increasingly aware of His love for us and our desire will be to love Him more.

We hope that everyone at missio would lean into this means of grace in 2022! Follow the links below to join in!

  • Download the app and join the plan: Click here to find the NT in a year plan and sign up. Make sure to invite a friend to read along with you!
  • Download and print a hard copy: If you would like a PDF of the NT plan you can find one here.
  • Add the Old Testament as well: If you would like to read through the entire Bible you can add The Bible Project’s OT in a year plan, and download a PDF of the plan here.
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