Acts: Jesus Builds His Church
Acts: Jesus Builds His Church
The Impartiality of the Church (Acts 10:36-11:18)

This is the 18th sermon in our series Acts: Jesus Builds His Church.

Sermon Outline:

  1. Context: Jesus is always working behind the scenes (10:1-35).
  2. Peter’s preaches the Gospel without favoritism (10:36-43).
  3. The Holy Spirit and the Church work in unison (10:44-48).
  4. The church in Jerusalem tries to catch up (11:1-18).

Discussion Questions:

  • Where did you observe a lack of unity in the American church in 2020? How might the truth of this passage helped that turn out differently?
  • In v. 47 Peter uses baptism as a tangible expression of the Gentiles acceptance into the People of God. What can our church/you do tangibly to demonstrate the acceptance of outsiders?  
  • What suggestions would you have for someone who is struggling to love a person who is different from them? How does the Gospel fuel that love?