Acts: Jesus Builds His Church
Acts: Jesus Builds His Church
The Gospel Comes to Galatia (Acts 13:13-52)

This is the 22nd sermon in our series Acts: Jesus Builds His Church.

Sermon Outline:

  1. How Paul and Barnabas ended up preaching in Galatia (13:13-15).
  2. What Paul chose to preach in Galatia (13:16-41).
  3. How the Galatians responded to Paul’s sermon (13:42-52).

Discussion Questions:

  • If it wasn’t for Jesus and His Gospel, what would you look to in order to assure yourself that you and God were cool? Or, what aspect of your life are you tempted to put trust in apart from Jesus?
  • Who are the people religious Americans would consider outsiders? How does the Gospel Paul preached challenge that categorization? How do you need to apply that to your own life?
  • As you evaluate your personal history, what are some of the waypoints that you can identify that led you to Jesus (or, led you here this morning)?