Acts: Jesus Builds His Church
Acts: Jesus Builds His Church
Take Courage From Jesus (Acts 22:30-23:23)

This is the 36th sermon in our series Acts: Jesus Builds His Church.

Sermon Outline:

  1. Take courage from the presence of Jesus (22:30-23:11).
  2. Take courage from the sovereignty of Jesus (23:12-24).
  3. Take courage from our citizenship with Jesus (23:25-35).

Discussion Questions:

  • Are you most tempted to doubt that Jesus is with you, that He is for you, or that you belong to Him? When do those doubts typically come? How does this passage help?
  • What would a person who is confident Jesus is with, for, and over them look like? If you were to fully believe this, what would tangibly change about your upcoming week?  
  • What about this passage most helps you believe that, “It’s all going to be ok”?