The WORD Became Flesh (Advent 2022)
The WORD Became Flesh (Advent 2022)
Three Invitations This Christmas (John 1:6-8)

Sermon Outline:

  1. The temptation to see God as uninterested and uninvolved  (John 1:6).
  2. The temptation to see ourselves as self-sufficient and capable (John 1:7).
  3. The temptation to see the world as chiefly about us and our story (John 1:8).

Discussion Questions: 

  • How often do you honestly feel that God is involved in your life? What does forgetting that fact produce in your heart?
  • When are you most tempted to feel self-reliant? When are you most tempted to see yourself as the center of the universe? How does John the Baptist help us find humility?
  • How can you bear witness about the Light this season? Be specific!

**This is week two of Advent 2022.