Acts: Jesus Builds His Church
Acts: Jesus Builds His Church
The Journey of Discipleship (Acts 18:24-19:20)

This is the 30th sermon in our series Acts: Jesus Builds His Church.

Sermon Outline:

  1. Apollos’ discipleship journey (18:24-28).
  2. “Disciples” in Ephesus and their journey (19:1-10).
  3. Spiritual warfare, total surrender, and the discipleship journey (19:11-20).

Discussion Questions:

  • As you reflect on the past few months, how has Jesus worked in you? How has Jesus worked through you?
  • Which of the discipleship journeys that we studied today most connects with you? Why?
  • Why is the combination of gifting and humility (i.e. Apollos) so rare? How can we cultivate humility in our own lives?