We desire to be a place where we can gather to encounter the person of Jesus through the transforming study of His Word, and to that end the vast majority of our sermons are verse-by-verse studies through whole books of the Bible. Last Sunday we began a seven week study of the book of 2 Timothy, and in order to glean as much from this amazing book as possible we want to share some additional resources. Our ultimate authority should always be the written Word of God, but secondary literature can help to expand our knowledge and understanding of what was written. This will fuel our love of the Bible when we devote time to comprehend it better. Below is a compiled list of resources about the book of 2 Timothy.

  • As an overview of the book of 2 Timothy, The Bible Project has a great video, you can watch here.
  • Additionally, Nancy Guthrie talks with John Currie about how to teach the book of 2 Timothy in a podcast interview. She also provides additional written resources on 2 Timothy.
  • John Stott wrote an amazing commentary on 2 Timothy and I would highly encourage you to spend some time reading it! You can purchase it here

Let’s all be in prayer for our church that this study would be used by the Holy Spirit to grow our affection for God and His Word, and enable us to better proclaim His truth to our neighbors!

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