For the second week of our summer teaching series, focusing on “why we do what we do” as Christians, we spent some time studying the importance of prayer.
Throughout this series we hope to engage the practice we talk about on Sunday morning throughout the week. So, this second week we are encouraging everyone to spend some time each morning and evening in private prayer following the A.C.T.S. method we discussed. To that end, here are some things to pray about this week:
Tuesday: Pray for the members of our church to grow in their understanding of the Gospel and their love for Jesus.
Wednesday: Pray for the marriages in our church to be strong and filled with grace. Pray for the singles in our church to experience Jesus’ love as they serve His Kingdom. Pray for the parents in our church to point their children to Jesus. Pray for the kids in our church to grow into mighty men and women of God.
Thursday: Pray for our tables to be a place of love and grace, our missional communities to be anchors of community and launchpads for mission, missio: Kids and our volunteers to be Gospel-centered in all they do.
Friday: Pray for the community of Falcon (and COS and Peyton) to have it’s identity shaped by the Gospel. Pray that missio Dei would be an instrument in God’s hand to reach our neighbors.
Saturday: Pray for the churches we support in Utah, Seattle, and Paris to be encouraged as they proclaim the Gospel. Pray for a fruitful harvest as they are faithful to God’s call.
If you missed the message Sunday you can listen to it here.
A copy of the Prayer resources handout can be dowloaded here.

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