Last Sunday we preached our vision sermon for 2020 focusing on how being a healthy church will naturally flow out of it having healthy members.  That sermon is linked here. One of the things we discussed was the daily and weekly habits proposed by Justin Earley in his book, The Common Rule.  In it he offers eight habits, either daily or weekly, that would help us to find clarity and purpose when things like distraction and “busy-ness” feel so overwhelming.  

We don’t necessarily recommend tackling all eight of these habits at once, but just adding one to your rhythm and seeing how God uses it to speak to you in a new, powerful way.  At his website, Justin offers a short video explanation on each of the eight habits he wrote about, if you would like to know more. We pray that we become a people driven by gospel intentionality and purpose, and that our church grows out of the health of its people in the 2020 and the years beyond it.

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