We are followers of Christ that meet to challenge one another with the truth of the Holy Bible and the grace it offers to a fallen world. Join us on our journey to find hope in a hopeless world, purpose in a culture that’s adrift, compassion for the condemned and a promise of everlasting life.

What to Expect

We believe the history of the Church is not to be ignored but appreciated. At the same time it should be relevant and engaging the culture in which it operates. Our gathering consists of music, message, discussion, the sacrament of communion and prayer. Our music reflects contemporary with a blend of classic hymns. We believe the Bible is the inspired word of God and teach from it. We have people from evangelical,protestant and catholic backgrounds. Our round table discussions seek to find us where we live with the freedom to be vulnerable and real about our faith.

Child Care

Child care is provided. We don’t just want to babysit your kids but engage them in a thoughtful age appropriate lesson that challenges the parents as well. We believe our mission to kids is one of the greatest missions we have.

Where and when we meet

We are currently meeting on Saturday nights from 6-7:30 pm atWoodmen Hills Elementary School, located at 8308 Del Rio Rd., Falcon, CO 80831.

missio Dei: Falcon 2014