This past week we began a study through the amazing book of 1 Peter. As a church we desire to be a place where we can gather to encounter the person of Jesus through the transforming study of His Word, and to that end we will be studying verse-by-verse through 1 Peter in order to glean as much from this short epistle as possible. 

To assist our discipleship as we engage these sermons we want to share some additional helpful resources. Our ultimate authority should always be the written Word of God, the Bible, but secondary literature can help to expand our knowledge and understanding of what was written. This will fuel our love Jesus when we devote time to comprehend His Word better. Below is a compiled list of secondary literature about the book of 1 Peter that speaks to this fascinating book.

Please join us in praying that Jesus will use our time in 1 Peter to work in us and through us for the advancement of the Gospel! 

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