Ezra-Nehemiah, Part 17: Living as the People of God. (Nehemiah 11:1-12:43)

May 5, 2024 | Kolburt Schultz


  • What are some ways the American church has struggled to live as the people of God? How do those struggles diminish the Church’s light to the people who don’t yet know Jesus?
  • What needs to change in your mindset and behavior in order to view your dwelling place as a ministry assignment from God?
  • How can biblical celebrations, and the joy they produce, help strengthen your faith? What practices could you adopt to become a person who celebrates God’s faithfulness well?

1: Living as the people of God: Domestically (Neh. 11:1-36).
2: Living as the people of God: Historically (Neh. 12:1-26).
3: Living as the people of God: Joyfully (Neh. 12:27-43).

Categories: Ezra-Nehemiah Series