Triumphant Procession: Humble Kingdom (John 12:12-18)

March 24, 2024 | Aaron Britton

• Has there been a time when God has acted in an unexpected way,
different than your agenda? Why are those times difficult for us?
• Is it difficult for us to be satisfied with the “downward pull” of the
kingdom of God? Why?
• Pray for anyone at your table, for circumstances that they are facing

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A Vision for 2024.

January 7, 2024 | Kolburt Schultz


  • In what ways do you feel “homeless?” What longings do you have? How are those desires only satisfied in Jesus?
  • Which of the 6 prayers in v. 12-17 stand out to you the most? Why? How will you pray each of those this coming week?
  • Do you have thoughts on why it is important for us to pray for God to “establish” our church more fully? How could a more established missio Dei: Falcon be a blessing to our community?

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Reflect and Refocus: 2023.

December 31, 2023 | Adam Johnson

Table Discussion 1:
What is your prayer life currently like? How will you become more prayerful in 2024?
What does it look like to be filled with the fruit of the Spirit in your everyday life?
How can you tell, personally, if you are living out the fruit of the Spirit?
In what ways do you need to be more dependent on the Lord through prayer?

Table Discussion 2:
What does it mean for you to live a “holy” life (walking in a manner worthy of Christ)?
How can you step into that life more fully this next year? What things do you need to stop doing? What do you need to start doing?
Why is it important for Christians to walk in humility? Why is it difficult to walk in humility?
How can you pursue growth in humility this upcoming year?

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A Father to the Fatherless (Psalm 68:1-6a)

May 7, 2023 | Jay Dangers

Discussion Questions

  • What has your experience with the fatherless and the orphan been?
  • Have you had a specific role in the life of a fatherless or orphaned child?  If so, what has that been?
  • How does it affect your view of God the Father to know that He cares so much for the “least of these”?

*This sermon was preached by Jay Dangers of New Hope Uganda.

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