Ezra-Nehemiah, Part 18: Nehemiah’s Final Reforms. (Nehemiah 12:44-13:31)

May 12, 2024 | Kolburt Schultz

Where have you seen the need for greater purity in your heart? In our church? In the American church? Where have we allowed the enemy of God to set up his office among us?
What is your experience with the gift of the Sabbath? How can you practice that kind of dependence on God’s goodness this week?
Where might your love for the things of the world deafen the next generation to God’s Word?

1: Israel’s joyful desire to obey God (Nehemiah 12:44-13:3).
2: Israel’s ongoing struggle to obey God (Nehemiah 13:4-29).
3: Nehemiah’s closing prayer (Nehemiah 13:30-31).

Categories: Ezra-Nehemiah Series