Mission Update: Wade Brown and PastorServe

Part of being a church committed to mission means we give 15% of all the offerings we receive towards the mission of God outside our church. One of the ministries we support is Wade Brown‘s coaching of pastors through PastorServe.  Wade is an wonderful leader and his input into the lives of pastors has shaped many… Read more »


Lent Devotional

Ash Wednesday, February 10th, marks the beginning of the season of Lent for the Church calendar. Lent is the 46 days leading up to Easter that the Church has historically set aside to intentionally prepare our hearts for celebrating the Resurrection. This year our church will be engaging a devotional entitled “Journey to the Cross.” The intentionality… Read more »


Pre-Service Prayer

As a church we have always sought to be a place that is prayerfully dependent upon God.  To that end, we are opening up a pre-service time of prayer for anyone and everyone who is interested in seeking God and asking for His blessing upon the upcoming worship gathering.  So, every Saturday whoever is available will… Read more »

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Boot Camp

The mission of every Christian is to be a disciple of Jesus who makes disciples of Jesus.  Unfortunately, the term “discipleship” has come to be associated, in many Christian’s minds, with an optional activity that only certain A-team Christians engage in.  The reality, however, is that if you are a follower of Jesus you are… Read more »

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Summer Play Dates

Summer is a great time to build relationships with other women in the church, as well as form new relationships with women who don’t attend missio Dei. Each Wednesday the moms and women of missio Dei will gather at various parks to enjoy each other’s company, encourage one another, and let their kids run off… Read more »

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Acts 29 Membership

This past March we were officially approved for full membership in the Acts 29 church planting network.  Acts 29 is a network of like-minded churches committed to seeing new Gospel-centered churches planted around the world.  The network chooses to emphasize the following distinctives: Gospel centrality in all of life. The sovereignty of God in saving… Read more »